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A medieval Village in Tlaxcala

It is the 21st century and yet new towns are still being built in Mexico. The twist is: this particular town was built to look as a medieval era, Italian, countryside village. We’re talking about Val’Quirico in Tlaxcala.

The best thing to do here is to just stroll through the streets and take it all in.

Don’t worry about the food. The place is filled with restaurants that serve anything from paella, gourmet burgers, French cuisine and, of course, the best Italian food that your imagination can evoke.

There are also clothing stores, crafts and imported products that foodies will find fascinating. Not to mention the bullring, where some renowned toreros have performed.

The whole place is still developing and it is not too large, so it is perfect for a day trip if you’re visiting Puebla, Tlaxcala or Mexico City.

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