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The multicultural clay.

The history of this ceramic art is, like the objects it produces, an ancient crystallized mosaic formed by conquerors and conquered, by navigators and queens, by wars, regulations, decrees and laws.

It is called "talavera poblana" to the clay pieces with a vitreous finish in ivory white color, on which infinite decorative motifs are reflected. Throughout the centuries this technique has been perfected; from ancient China, to old Italy, Muslim Spain, and eventually in the workshops of Puebla artisans.

Its origin in Mexico begins like that of many other crafts that enjoy current popularity: with the arrival of the Spaniards. The missionaries and builders of buildings and temples introduced the technique for the distinctive finishing of their works. The mosaics were then synonymous with opulence and good taste.

The complicated elaboration of the ceramics, and its final beauty, showed refinement and richness. Not everyone could make talavera and not everyone could acquire it.

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